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Charland technology announces partnership with Moore Enterprises!

Partner Profile: Moore Enterprises
"Communications at its best!" Moore Enterprises: Communications at its Best!

Moore Enterprises has years of experience designing and installing business telephone systems, including wiring & cabling, fibre-optics, and wireless support systems.

I recently spoke with Jim Clish, General Manager of Moore Enterprises, about new developments in the business phone industry. While there are plenty of big systems for large-scale businesses, there are many established companies such as NEC that are now offer surprisingly affordable solutions. One of our mutual customers recently converted to an NEC system and are very pleased with the results!

The industry is also coming to terms with subscription-based, "hosted PBX" services, Voice-over-IP/internet phones, and other exciting new technology! Like any developing technology we recommend a cautious approach to ensure your ability to communicate with your customers!

Moore Enterprises' expertise in NEC and Avaya phone systems make the company a key component of Charland Technology's "One Source for Your Tech Needs" business proposition. Our new partnership will ensure that our clients have access to the right people to solve their problems quickly!



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