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Charland Technology offers many different solutions for different technical problems.


The Plan.

Our "flagship" services include all the it stuff your business needs with one monthly or quarterly investment. No nickel-and-diming. No finger-pointing. No unexpected expenses. Contact us today to arrange a PLAN consultation!

Consulting and Business Expertise

Most small businesses owners don't have the time or expertise to understand exactly which solution is best for their business, and why. That's where we come in.

We will design and deploy (or re-use your existing equipment) using best practices and industry-standards to ensure security, reliability, and expansion potential.


We do not hold our clients hostage. All of our clients have full network details, password lists, and contact information for their vendors. We keep our clients by providing business results and superior customer care!

Hosted Business Services

Many businesses aren't ready for the up-front costs and maintenance expense of owning their business server. For these clients, off-site, managed solutions make perfect sense!

We can provide e-mail, calendar, shared document, "big business" phone, security, and other systems at a very reasonable monthly or quarterly rate.


Microsoft Exchange E-mail is the industry standard. We provide businesses with e-mail, calendar, contact, and task management using Outlook Web Access, Windows Mobile and Blackberry synchronization, backups and maintenance.


WebVault Hosted Document Management

How quickly CAN you find that file? With WebVault your staff can search, retrieve, and print/copy/fax/email the right documents in seconds! Very low initial investment, exceptional training and support, and reasonable ongoing costs make WebVault a win-win!


Hosted PBX/Phone Systems

 Don't spend thousands of dollars on a fancy new phone system...our partners will HOST your business phone network. Plug your phones into any internet connection and access the full features of the best business communications systems: Voice mail, call transfer, Caller ID, and other services just like in the office!

This is not vonage, packet8, or a cheap "internet Phone." Charland Technology and our partners will configure your system properly and handle any problems quickly!


ON-Premise Servers

In larger companies, and where security and performance concerns play a larger role in tech decisions, the value of owning and operating a server of your own is apparent.


Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 is our server of choice because of its reliability, remote worker tools, and industry-wide knowledge base.


IBM Lotus Foundations Start is another on-site server product we work extensively with. LFS offers many of the same benefits with excellent security and provides an "all in one" solution with very little maintenance needed!







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